America’s Got Talent


This week on America’s Got Talent there was a contestant who brought me to tears.  A 20 year old Anna Clendening walked out onto the stage and when she was asked what she did for a living she responded saying she didn’t work due to her current situation.  Her “situation” was that she had been suffering from severe anxiety and depression disorder for years.  It had recently hit her hard where she was actually bed ridden.

I have to admit that when she first said she didn’t work because of her disorder I thought, “that’s a cop out and she’s making excuses.”  Now I am someone who suffered from the same disorder for years and yet in this moment I was quick to judge her.  She then went on to explain and my heart softened and I began to appreciate her situation for what it was.  This girl was standing on a stage in front of thousands of people as she prepared to sing live.  There were no excuses there.  In the height of my anxiety I couldn’t even walk into a room full of friends without feeling like I was going to pass out and here was this girl staring her anxiety in this face and putting herself in such a vulnerable place.

Well needless to say she sang one of my favorite songs and if my husband wasn’t sitting with me I could have sobbed uncontrollably.  It was one of those moments for me where I felt so connected and moved by this person.  You could almost see in her eyes her own journey through anxiety and as she sang Hallelujah you could feel how much she meant those words.  It was the perfect song to represent someone’s struggle with anxiety.

Anxiety is so hard for people to understand, even those who have gone through it.  Never judge a person, instead listen to them and really hear their words.  Be there for them and hold their hand.

This girl is awesome.  Watch her performance and enjoy.


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