Finding Passion in what you do

You will often here people say that you should find things in life that you are passionate about.  If you could find a career that you are passionate about, work would be less stressful.  With passion comes purpose and I believe that having a purpose is the true meaning of life.  Now I agree with all of this.  I agree with every part of my soul, but in some cases this may not be possible.

For instance, a man may be passionate about baseball, but for him a career in the sport is unrealistic so instead he has to stick to his 9-5 corporate job that he finds much less exciting, but in the end supports his family and pays the bills.  This is the case for many people.  Our lives are stressful and busy.  Life can even be overwhelming at times.  There are moments in my life where multiple days will blend into one and I can’t remember if I took a shower or if I fed the dog.  Okay there are days where I have forgotten a meal for my kids.  These kind of days make my head spin.

In the past when I was overwhelmed I would think that I was doing all the wrong things.  I must not be chasing my dreams.  I must be in the wrong job or forgetting to fill my life with meaningful things.  I would often think that my like was lacking passion.  Well, actually it was, but not because it lacked things to be passionate about, I just wasn’t looking at the beautiful things in life that were right in front of me.

What if we stopped looking for outside things to be passionate about and instead started finding the passion in the things all around us?  Let me explain.

Most of you who read my posts know that I have three daughters.  My life is filled with alot of joy and love along with alot of poop and crying.  The other day I was changing the baby’s diaper in a rush because she was freaking out and noticed that there was a huge blob of poop on my hand, not the wipe, my hand.  UGH!  I wiped it off with an already dirty wipe and quickly ran out of the room to my middle child who was having a tantrum in the kitchen, while ransacking the cabinets, because I told her she couldn’t have gummies at 10 in the morning (yes, we have this fight a lot).  My oldest daughter enters the kitchen and starts whining because she has to go to the bathroom and she forgot how to wipe (I told her once that she has to wipe better after she poops and now she doesn’t remember how to wipe, great).

Now I love my girls, more than anything in the world, but in a day like this there is a lot of stress, with no praise and the rewards are camouflaged under poop stained wipes.  On days like this I have found myself daydreaming about my passions.  If I had time to write, I could write a book and that would be so rewarding and fulfilling.  If I had time to volunteer and help people in need that would be so rewarding and I could really have meaning in my life.  If, if, if……damn if’s.

I often have to remind myself to stop looking for things that I am passionate about, because everything I need and love is right in front of my face.  I may not love doing seven loads of laundry every three days, but I do love the bodies that the clothes I fold are going to cover.  I may not love constantly having to clean my floors, but I do love the feet that are going to walk all over them.  I may not love cleaning poop and spit up and God know what other bodily fluids come out of my kids, but God how I love those kids.

When we stop focusing on the hard stuff in our lives it is amazing how much more meaning we will find in everyday.  Whenever I am stressed I focus on something that I am excited about.  I could be crazy at work and then I will stop and think about the book that I am going to read to my girls at bedtime and suddenly my day just got better.  Something so simple will help me make it through a hard day.  There is something exciting about everyday, we just have to have our eyes open to see that.  As we get older for some of us it is harder to get excited over things.

The other day I was playing with my seven month old.  Every time I rolled a toy to her she got so excited that her whole entire body literally jerked.  Could you imagine that?  Could you imagine being so excited over something that you actually couldn’t control your body?  When was the last time you felt that?  Did you ever feel that?  I mean this toy was nothing special, but she went crazy every time it came near her.  It was such a beautiful and wonderful moment to witness pure joy over such simplicity.

Sometimes we are so focused on the hard things in our days that we forget about all the beautiful things in between.  The in between moments are the moments that count.  Take a look at your life, and what is in it right now.  Stop focusing on negative things and focus on the things that make your whole body jerk.  Just me, these things are there.  Be grateful for what you have and treasure the love and joy that surrounds you.  Be passionate about your life, because that is the greatest gift you will ever get.


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  1. My name is Alyson , I was a student of yours in Middle School. I am now 21 years old and was looking to contact you to thank you for everything you once said to me in my writings that truly helped me through some hard times. I saved everything you gave me in class because I always felt your pain through your stories you told in class. It just made me so happy to find this page and find that you are doing well. I just wanted to thank you for everything because at the time you may not have realized the things I was going through and your wise words of wisdom really impacted me and I can say years later you were a teacher who was real. You did not teach us useless information but real life issues and many of those stories I carried close to me since. thank you again for being so caring during those times it was for people like you that kept me going.


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